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                                                                      Supply List

                                         The students will be sitting in groups and each

                                         group will have their own "supply station".  All supplies will

                                         be kept here.  Hopefully this will cut down on lost 

                                         materials.  :-)  Therefore, there is no need for a supply box.                               

                                                                    -Blue or Black pens

                                                                    - Pencils

                                                                    - Extra erasers (hand held or toppers)

                                                                    - Hand held sharpener

                                                                    - Glue Stick AND liquid glue

                                                                    - Scissors

                                                                    - Markers

                                                                    - Crayons

                                                                    - Colored Pencils

                                                                    - Blue or Black Dry Erase Markers

                                                                    - A dry eraser (an old sock works GREAT!)

                                                                    - One notebook and corresponding folder for each:

                                                                                  BLUE- MATH


                                                                                  RED-READING/LANGUAGE ARTS

                                                                                  YELLOW-SOCIAL STUDIES

                                                                                  GRAPHIC-FRIDAY FOLDER

                                                                                  GRAPHIC- HOMEWORK

                                                                                  (Vinyl folders work GREAT!  They really last!)

                                                                      - One JUMBO Book Sock

                                                                      - One pack of looseleaf

                                                                      - One box of Kleenex

                                                                      - One Cannister of Disinfectant Wipes

                                                                      - One Roll of Paper Towel



Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here.

I am truly looking forward to teaching 4th grade this year!  I know we will have a lot of fun working together learning new and exciting things.  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!

Our Mission

The mission of Father John V. Doyle School is to provide students with a solid, well-rounded education based on Roman Catholic Tradition.  We live the Word of God in a caring, safe, and nurturing environment.

Come visit us!


Our weekly itinerant schedule:

Wednesday-     Library/Tech

Thursday-        Gym

Friday-                  Art

Lunch is 11:10-11:55  


Your child will have the opportunity to pursue a range of extracurricular activities to complement his or her rigorous academic curriculum. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child gets the attention he or she deserves.

We invite you to come visit our school and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for success.