The best place to find up-to-date information concerning homework, tests, and quizzes is in your child's agenda.  This is a projected list of what will be assigned throughout the week.

 Week of: 


Assignments this week:

 Spelling Homework Reminders: Each student needs to only write the INCORRECT words 5x each.  (NOT including the bonus words)  They will always have 2 nights to complete this assignment.  The reason for this, is because some students have many words to practice and I do not want them spending the whole night cramping up writing words.  Yuck!  Please complete the assignment on the back of the pretest.  Feel free to attach more pages if necessary.  Also, I would appreciate it if you would hand the assignment in once it is fully completed.  Please do not hand it in half and half.  Thank you!  

The students will be tested on all 25 words.  However, "bonus words" will not count against them.  That is why they do not have to write these words 5x each.  They will receive one bonus point on their test for each bonus word spelled correctly.

If your child receives a perfect score on his or her pretest (including bonus words), he or she will not have 5x each homework, or have to take the test.  They will receive an automatic 105 for a test grade.

Monday-          Spelling- Incorrect words 5x each (due by Wednesday)

                                     Spelling City- 3 assignments by Friday

                       Math p. 73 EVEN (Compute Customary Units)

                       Religion- Chapter 5 Test Wednesday


Tuesday-   Math p. 74 EVEN (Customary Units of Capacity)

                      Religion- Ch. 5 Test tomorrow! 



Wednesday-  Language Worksheet

                      Math p. 75 EVEN (Customary Units of Weight)



Thursday-     Study Math Review

                      Study spelling words



 Friday-         Have a wonderful vacation!

                      See you next week!




FOOD DRIVE!   (Please remember to purchase PLASTIC containers!)

                                     THANK YOU!

     WEEK OF 2-12-18:  Peanut Butter & Jelly

        WEEK OF 2-26-18:  Tuna and other canned meat

        WEEK OF 3-05-18:  Pasta & Sauce

        WEEK OF 3-12-18:  Cereal & Juice

        WEEK OF 3-19-18:   Beans and Soup

        WEEK OF 3-26-18:   Pennies for Patients