Please visit our Google Classroom for all of your assignments and lesson plans.

See you during our "Meet"ing at 11 am!  Remember that you need to sign on with the nickname I emailed to you last week.  It will also be in the classroom if you need it.

Message About Religion

Please be sure to visit Mrs. O'Keefe's page every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to receive your religion assignment.

Message About Reading and Language Arts/Social Studies

Some days your child may be asked to visit the Pearson site to access the reading and language arts assignments.  They have been preassigned for certain days, so all your child has to do is log in, and click on the "to-do" link.

The site is:

Another site your child may be asked to access is Readworks.  I will be using this site for social studies, reading, and sometimes science.  Once logged in, your child clicks on his or her name to get started.  This site has specific reading passages chosen for him or her.  After reading the passage, there are comprehension questions, and short answer questions that follow.  Once your child finishes and hits submit, I receive the assignment.


 Thursday, May 21, 2020:


Please visit Google Classroom to complete your journal response, spelling, and reading assignments.


Please visit the Google Classroom to get your assignment.


Please visit the Google Classroom to get your math assignment.  

Remember to visit REFLEX math 3x this week!